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A quick post from me this week, and with sincere apologies to my UK readers, this is really only going to be of interest to my Irish followers.
I was recently contacted by Cara Mara Luxury Seaweed Baths who are offering a free seaweed bath pack to one lucky winner based in Ireland! To win, you need to
1. comment either on this post, or on the corresponding post on Facebook and
2. ‘Like’ Cara Mara Seaweed Baths on Facebook ( OR follow them on Twitter (@CaraMaraSeaweed)

A number of years ago, I had the good fortune to have access to seaweed baths for three consecutive days. At the time, my psoriasis was angry, sore and itchy and I can honestly say that those three days offered glorious relief. It won’t cure you, but it certainly helps! I found my itch eased, my plaques flattened and my skin felt soft and really well moisturised. If your skin is causing you an issue, then I would strongly recommend that you enter this competition
In the words of the company,
Seaweed baths are a traditional Irish feel-good and ‘get well’ therapy, enjoyed by our ancestors over the centuries. Today pharmaceutical and medical businesses incorporate seaweed extracts into many skincare and medical solutions.
The Fucus Serratus seaweed naturally absorbs important minerals and vitamins from the sea, making it far richer than anything grown on land. These minerals include potassium which assists nerve and cell function and renewal, magnesium, calcium, iodine, the single most important element in helping regulate the body’s metabolism and Vitamin B which assists with stress relief.
Heated in the warm waters of the bath, the seaweed secretes luxurious therapeutic oils. The warm waters also open the pores in your skin. Rich seaweed oils are then readily absorbed into your skin. All you have to do is lie back and; Relax, Recover, Renew.

To watch a short video on the baths and to see how the delivery of this to your home would work, please click here.
The competition will remain open until Wednesday 12 July, when a winner will be picked. Best of luck!


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