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Hello! I feel like I’ve neglected the blog over the past few weeks, but life has been busy and sometimes it’s just difficult to keep all the balls in the air. I have however, continued to throw in my ha’pence worth on my various social media channels, so if you don’t already do so, why not follow me there also? Flaky can be found on Twitter, on Facebookand on Instagram. No escaping me really!
So firstly I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Ireland Psoriasis Shout Out last week. The pharma companies who sponsored us; the fabulous PR team who did outstanding work; the radio shows, TV programmes and newspapers who helped us to promote it; the dermatologists who kindly gave up their time to come to a busy Dundrum Town Centre on a Saturday, and finally to everyone who showed up! Without patients there would be no event, and you came in your droves. We never expected such numbers so thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our efforts and apologies if you had to wait for quite a while. When the security team are suddenly roping off queuing areas and talking about crowd control, you know you’ve had a successful event! I really hope that you found the opportunity to speak with a dermatologist both useful and worthwhile. All going well, we might just go again next year!
So last night I idly mused as to what I should write about today and my Teen looked out the window and glumly suggested ‘what to wear when it’s summertime except the weather isn’t summery at all!’ Ha! Bit of a long title, but you get the gist. Not a bad idea I thought, but when I went to browse online, I got no further than Gap. Those of you of a certain age will remember when Gap was the sartorial equivalent of the Holy Grail. Not available in Ireland, it was the most requested gift from people travelling to the UK or US. And of course, like all the great chases of our life, once we acquired it, well, ‘meh!’. It wasn’t really all that! But today, I was struck by the fact that maybe it deserved a little more attention and with a 25% discount off all stock until midnight tomorrow, it seemed rude not to have a little browse. Code PRIMEGAP. All prices quoted are pre discount

Let’s kick it off with jackets and Gap have moved on from just the denim offering – although that is still as good as ever. A light jacket is a must during the summer months in this part of the world and there is a myriad of styles to choose from. The Tencel Twill Icon Jacket, €74.95 is a lovely fresh summery colour which will look great paired with jeans, joggers, maxi dresses or culottes.
Or if you are more of a fan of the true denim look, the Icon Raw Collar Denim Jacket is now only €41.99 (and the further 25% discount still applies)
My first foray into the realm of the utility jacket was last summer when my sister kindly sent me an Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo cotton utility jacket. I have used it to death (and the neat freak in me loves how it can be regularly thrown into the machine, yet still looks as good as the day I first wore it). This Khaki Utility Jacket, €69.95, is just as gorgeous. I promise you it will become a wardrobe staple before you know it! Also available in other colours.
I only own one bomber jacket and to be honest, it’s rarely worn as I think I prefer the sharper cut of a blazer. However, I know I’m in the minority and most people look great in one. I chose this Floral Embroidery Bomber Jacket, €119.95, as it has a darker body but still a pale shoulder to nicely camouflage any flaking that might occur. And if you wear it as often as the Teen in our house wears hers, then trust me the euro per wear will be down to cents!

A final jacket choice is a play on the current kimono trend, but somewhat more substantial. This Cotton Linen Stripe Wrap Jacket, €119.95 is the perfect addition to jeans and a tee and would keep your skin perfectly covered whilst still retaining a summer look. Great for cooler days or casual BBQ evenings.

I am slowly moving away from my beloved skinnies and I’ve got to tell you … even though my legs are currently clear (touches wood, praises Allah, bows to Mecca & blesses herself) I am loving the feel of loose fabric around my legs. Slouching around in ‘floppy’ trousers with my hands stuck in my pockets is appealing hugely to my inner truculent teenage self! The comfort people, is not to be scoffed at! And what’s even more appealing is that they are perfectly acceptable evening wear. Just add heels and a smart white jacket!
Cotton Linen Utility Joggers, €49.95

For smarter occasions, I have always loved the Slim Crop Pants €44.95. These are great for interviews or times when you need to be a little smarter, but they also look very cool with white trainers or Converse. If you have psoriasis on your ankles or calves, I used to swear by Vichy Dermablend foundation on the plaques, which I then set into place with the Vichy Dermablend powder. Two items that are an absolute must in any psoriasis beauty arsenal

With this advice in mind, another option that might work for both formal and casual occasions – I’m thinking this could be a great holiday piece – is this Tie Belt Culotte Jumpsuit, €69.95. The popularity of jumpsuits shows no sign of waning and with the current discount it might not be a bad time to dip your toe in!
I took a look at the dresses, but with the best will in the world, even I couldn’t see how they might work for someone with psoriasis. Do not despair however, as instead, I bring you a skirt! The Tiered Maxi Skirt, €54.95, comes in a range of colours and would be such an easy option to have in your summer wardrobe. Team with a tee shirt, with a slim fitting cotton sweater, tuck in a smart fitted shirt, throw on a Breton top. The options are endless and this will certainly keep you both covered and cool.

Have I given you enough ideas for summer dressing when it’s not really summer?! Somehow I’ve a feeling it’s a subject that I’ll be returning to.
Have a great week!


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