PD makes your face freeze so you don’t smile quite so easily, even when people say absurd things to you. Like ‘look at ole misery face’. (Dundee pub 2015). And last week I got a new spin on this form of encouragement to smile.
I was walking the dog through the woods on the common, when a small terrier bit me on the ankle. Its owner, an older woman, said ‘it’s all right, he won’t bite. In any case, he thinks you are the bin man’.
Knock me down with a feather! So it was my fault for looking like her bin man. The dog ran off, yapping; the woman walked on, muttering; my dog would have said she was shocked (if she could talk, that is.) 
This was quickly followed by an incident in what might be termed an upmarket small chain restaurant. The waiter took my order of a can of craft beer called Neck Oil, and he took ages to serve me. I waved and waved again until he finally strolled over and gave me a piece of his mind – on the topic of impatience. I was gobsmacked as he wandered away. Eventually he deigned to serve me. The restaurant did not appear to be under pressure.
My wife took the issue up with the manager, saying that her husband had PD and could sometimes look stony faced, but he had waited an inordinate length of time to be served his Neck Oil.
They handled it well offering a free meal which we probably won’t take up. It’s not about the money after all.
We talked about Brexit, Chelsea, Clinton, but not Chelsea Clinton, Trump, North Korea, peanuts, double glazing, Rugby Union, plus several topics that I have forgotten. No conclusions reached!
The Blades won at AFC Wimbledon in a 3-2 thriller in Skybet 1. One of our party even won £100 for forecasting first scorer and time of goal. Lovely ground and friendly welcome from AFCW fans. They deserve to succeed!

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