This blog is less about Parkinson’s and more about the issue of flying a flag in our front garden. We, that is the whole Jackson household, are all in favour of remain, so we have a blue with yellow stars EU flag. £3.28 from Amazon – a bargain. So we look like a sophisticated Euro family and, after all, some of our best friends are Belgian!

Meanwhile we are obviously England supporters at the Euros and so fly a cross of St George which comes out regularly for the short period when hopes are high.

The two flags are essentially unconnected and fly together in close harmony, except….

If you stand in the garden for a few minutes people put the two flags together and ask us if this means that either my wife or I are an urbane much travelled Guardian reading liberal. While the other is looking for a Russian with whom to start a fight.

The big red St George flag might as well say National Front / English Defence Force lives here; though I must say my shaven head isn’t helping one iota.


If you recall the earlier blog in which I reported fairies at the bottom of our garden. Well someone keeps unscrewing and stealing their doorknob. This included a polar bear shaped knob. Perhaps it’s Boris or maybe Michael Gove angered by one or both of our flags?


Six of us go to the pub and there are 24 teams in the Euros. In the sweepstake I have drawn plucky Albania, plucky Iceland, plucky Northern Ireland and plucky Turkey. Hey Ho. I’m feeling very plucky…


Next week I’ll report on an adventure I’ll be having eating a brain burger for Parkinson’s! Looking forward to it!

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