MEATliquor and Fergus Henderson collaborate on a brain burger. 

We bite into brains for a very good cause.

Burger chain MEATliquor  has teamed up with  St John  owner Fergus Henderson to create a brain burger, which it is selling in order to raise money for research into Parkinson’s Disease. 

Fergus Henderson — who suffers from Parkinson’s himself — is famed for his nose-to-tail cooking and dishes such as bone marrow on toast.


It’s rather appropriate then, that he’s partnered with MEATliquor founders Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis to create an offal burger.

The burger is made from a slice of calf’s brain fried in panko breadcrumbs and served with Sauce Gribiche, homemade mayonnaise and shredded cabbage — all sandwiched in a potato and onion roll from  St. John Bakery. 

The burgers are a strictly limited edition, available throughout June only from Monday to Friday at the MEATliquor restaurants in both Marylebone and Islington as well as MEATmission in Hoxton.

Those wishing to bite into the brain will need to  book a ticket in advance. Each ticket costs £30 and includes a brain burger, fries and a kitchen apron designed by Henderson.

Tickets are available now.  All of the profits will go directly to Parkinson’s research. 


As it happens word of my blog has got out and I was invited with my wife to taste the brain burger at MEATliquor in Welbeck Street (back of Debenhams, Oxford Street).

As it happens, just 2 weeks earlier, we’d tried out CHICKENliquor in Brixton and had enjoyed their wings and meaty chicken dishes in various sauces (Thai, Korean etc) and had a great meal experience in the atmospheric old market. Very messy eating, if you know what I mean, in a good sort of way.

So, focusing first on ambience, it wasn’t a surprise to sit down in MEATliquor in a darkened room – decor seems based on what might be a war torn vibe (ie you have to see it) – with great music (loud), great friendly service, a great big tray to share from or leave the debris of great finger food if you feel so inclined, and a very appealing cocktail list, alo
ng with craft beer and the rest. We drank a Grapefruit High Wire and a WHEATliquor weissbier in frozen glasses, so no danger of warm beer.

Conversation ranged around whether brain burger raises your IQ or not; would it spontaneously increase my brain cells in size or number; would I take on the brain donor calf’s personality or start mooing; would it improve my dopamine flow and suppress the shake in my right hand; how were they going to ‘hold’ the brain in the bun and so on.

The brain burger was among the best burgers I’ve tasted; just different, sweeter and softer than expected, breadcrumbed, so more like a pattie than a burger, in a great two flavoured and textured bun. A pity there isn’t more offal on menus generally if this experience is a guide.

So there are a few more days of June to give the Brain Burger a try! Or miss your chance!


Note that these are my individual thoughts and brain burger should not be relied upon in the search for a cure for PD!

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