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It seems an age since I last blogged, but I’m back! A brief holiday and then the mad decision to paint a door … yes, just the one! … which of course made everything else look worn and grubby so suddenly I found myself disappearing down the the rabbit hole of interior décor, paint pots and white spirits. But I’m now back – a tad more exhausted with suspicious looking white streaks in my hair … but back nonetheless!
So how was your summer? Or should the question be, ‘err, where did those ten weeks go exactly?’ because here we are in the dreaded ‘Back to School’ zone again. I wondered what I should blog about today and rather than doing a ‘look what I wore on my holiday’ post (which I will do next week) I thought it might be nice to look back on some of the wardrobe and skincare saviours that I swore by last autumn/winter and might be helpful to you in your personal ‘back to school’ list-making for the forthcoming season.
The biggest revelation for me last year was the Crombie coat and despite having a wardrobe with an embarrassing array of outerwear, I lived in just two coats from October to March. I kicked off the trend in a cautious manner by buying the supremely popular camel Crombie in Primark for the princely sum of €28! It looked fab, the colour was perfect for anyone with psoriasis but as the price tag would indicate, it was utterly useless for providing any level of warmth. But hey! We had a mild winter last year, so with the addition of a scarf, I managed to survive! However, I adored the style so much, that I then bought a ‘real’ version later in the year – a black, wool Crombie coat in Zara which I think was about €100. Both coats are a classic shape, and worked perfectly with my wardrobe, i.e. trousers, jeans, boots and trainers! I am now on a mission to find a ‘real’ version of my Primark one this year, as a camel coat in a classic style is a wardrobe staple that will last forever. It’s still a little early in the season, but this Mango Puffed Sleeves Coat, €99 is a definite contender.

Delighted with my Primark bargain …

A wool coat is essential on a bright but cold beach walk …

New season from Mango

The second item which still amazes me as I held out for so long, is the trainer! I was truly aghast when they became the footwear of choice for every discerning fashionista, but this really is a case of ‘don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it’ … and boy did I try it! I started with some suede Pumas in a burgundy shade and it wasn’t long before I was fully converted to the trend. Maybe it’s my age (y’think?!) but the COMFORT! The glorious comfort!! A few months later I bought a white leather pair in Massimo Dutti and then a pale pink pair from M&S. I have worn these with jeans, with joggers and with cropped trousers. I have worn them going for walks, shopping in Dundrum, to meetings and boy were they the perfect shoe for the Psoriasis Shout Out earlier this year! Now (because I can’t deal with the grubbiness) it’s time for the white ones to be replaced and my sights are firmly set on the Adidas Stan Smiths in White Bronze Gold. Did I ever think I’d be excited about the thought of new trainers? Did I hell!
My First Pair …

Shiny New White Ones …

My Next Purchase …

Last year was also the year that I fully and completely embraced the crossbody bag. How this particular style managed to elude me during the toddler years I will never know, but although late to the game, I am now embracing this with gusto. At this stage my other bags are just staring mournfully at me from the bottom of the wardrobe and it actually feels odd to wear a shoulder bag now … and don’t get me started on the grab bag style … I have the most beautiful Mulberry bag that is being completely neglected because I simply can’t deal with the lack of a strap! My absolute favourite bag last year was my leopard print Chelmorton from Village England. This is no longer in stock, but a fabulous alternative for a burst of colour is the red Cranleigh. Divine!

These shopping bags were not all mine!

Village England Mini Cranleigh (now on sale!)

Finally, if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you will know that I have been collaborating with Suu Balm moisturiser for the past few months. Quite simply, I believe that this is one cream which should suit 99% of psoriasis sufferers. It doesn’t claim to cure … it simply claims that it will moisturise, but more importantly for you and I, it will ease itch within five minutes. People! It does exactly what it says on the tin! I haven’t found anything else that relieves itch so effectively … and bear in mind, this cream is steroid free. I’m a huge fan, and have recommended it to lots of friends and family since discovering it. I brought it on holidays with me, and thank goodness I did, as the mosquitos had a feast on my ankles on the last day. Honestly, this should be part of your skincare arsenal, which is why I’m including this in my list today. Actually, there is currently a competition on Facebook to win both a pump and a tube of Suu Balm, so if you head over to their page (click here), it would definitely be worth entering.

So, why don’t you take a break from the endless uniform and book lists this month and treat yourself to a little ‘back to school’ gift for yourself? Go on … you know you want to! See you next week when I’ll torture us all by reminiscing about holidays and sunshine. Sigh!



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