Back in the Gym of Things

Back in the Gym of Things

I returned to my local New York Sports Club today, for the first time in, gosh, has it really been over a year?  But I desperately need what the gym offers.  Namely, a chance to regain at least some of the muscle mass I had before the pandemic.  After a year of being mostly housebound, I’m appalled at how flimsy my leg muscles feel.  And I used to sleep on my side at night, but my shoulders’ muscle mass is so depleted that it hurts to lie on them. I now sleep on my stomach.  (I’ve reported elsewhere – click! click! – that sleeping on your side is best in terms of flushing from the brain the day’s accumulation of garbage.)

Some observations:

  1. The gym was almost empty, and this was a Sunday afternoon, normally a busy time.
  2. At the beginning of my workout, I tried to do 100 crunches, but kept losing track as I counted.
  3. Towels are no more.  Bring your own if you want to take a shower.
  4. If fewer than ten people are working out, you are privy to every word of every conversation.
  5. Today, my first day back, I worked with light and medium weights only, and it felt great.
  6. But boy, I feel so tired now!

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