August Parkinson’s Reminders for the Anchorage Area

the regularity of the Moon circling the earth, the Sun rising and
setting, the very stars in their steady courses, the third Saturday of
the month is rolling our way. And that means it’s time for our hardy
band of northern Parkinspeople to meet! I will be handing off the
talking stick to Jane Mara who has agreed to facilitate the meeting. So
show up for something new this weekend at 3:30 on the fifth-floor Tundra
Lounge of the Anchorage Pioneer home.

And another thing , we will also have a deluxe bonus
August meeting with very special guest Jennifer Riedel, Associate
Director for advancement at the MJ Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s
Research, Wednesday, August 21, 6:00 pm at the Pioneer home, up in the
Tundra Lounge. Jennifer will be sharing the latest research updates from
the Fox foundation and this promises to be a real barn-burner of a
meeting. Don’t miss it!

Furthermore… The September meeting will not take place in its usual form, Instead it will be pre-empted  and augmented by
the Parkinson’s Live Well, Alaska program, a full day of presentations
from local, regional and national PD savants, experts and wisepeople. 
will EDUCATE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER you in your daily coping with PD.  It
all happens Saturday, September 14, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Anchorage Senior Center, 1300 East
19th Ave in Anchorage Pre-registration required. You may pre-register here  Or give them a phone call (206)
695-2905.  I will have brochures for the event at our upcoming meeting.

Festinate Forward,


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