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Flaym – a lil corner of the internet just for flakers

Psoriasis is not a social media-friendly thing. No one posts about their flaky penis on Facebook. Or updates their friends on that 10cm buildup of skin crust on their elbow. It’s just not something you tend to share – unless you’re on Flaym that is!

I first learned about Flaym a few weeks ago when Lasse, the community manager, gave me the heads-up. And now, one week after using it, I have to say its pretty awesome. Here’s why.

So, what’s Flaym?

Flaym is like a mash-up of Twitter and Facebook for the psoriasis community. You set up a profile – anonymously, if you want – and start bashing away at the keyboard! The main page is a scrolling timeline of posts, much like Twitter. New posts are limited to 250 characters to keep the conversations flowing, and posts are categorized into different topics such as sex, diets, exercise, treatment etc.

Its simple, but what makes it really special is the people.

A funny and inspiring bunch

Many flakers don’t feel like sharing their stories because its so poorly understood (no, its not contagious, no, I don’t have leprosy), so when you have a community of people all in the same boat, the results are pretty cool. People feel comfortable and open up about their experience, that flare-up they’re struggling with, the latest shampoo they’re trying, the flake-covered bed sheets. It’s pretty awesome to have a hangout on the internet just for P.

Plus, the users on there are plain hilarious. I try to be upbeat about psoriasis and have to say, I haven’t had as many psoriasis-related LOL moments as on Flaym over the past week. The people are really supportive and most have a dark sense of humour about it, just like I do. This story really cracked me up:

Hahaha, mmm, bread crumbs!

But of course, people share the dark stuff too, one girl spoke about her ex who told her she was disgusting and he wanted to shower after having sex. He sounds like a massive asshole and many people rallied around her to say so. Others speak about their flare-ups and difficulties. But the common thing is people are not afraid to talk openly about psoriasis whatever the topic.

Come check it out!

In a nutshell, its a really cool platform that I can see myself using a lot. My blog posts on here tend to take a while to write and research but on Flaym I can share my experience and connect with others in a few minutes. If you wanna check it out, my Flaym profile is on here. I’ve just started a new conversation on Valentine’s Day sexy tips, come share yours!

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