An Artist’s Journey Into Parkinson’s 04/18 by Parkinsons Recovery

Richard Melvin discusses his accidental discovery of having Parkinson’s disease and how his father’s experience with standard Parkinson’s medications influenced his decision to treat the disease with (alternative) nutritional supplementation. In addition to giving detailed information about specific therapeutic vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids, he will  talk about possible causes of the disease that are currently being investigated by scientists.

In response to experiencing Parkinson’s disease symptoms,he rendered 2 oil paintings entitled: ‘Monochrome Epiphany” and ‘Neural Tree”.  Olfactory dysfunction is an early symptom 
of Parkinson’s and both paintings have a limited or monochromatic color scheme which symbolizes his temporary loss of the sense of smell.  

Richard Melvin’s website:

Open the first three comments below for a detailed summary of Richard’s presentation which includes links to the relevant research. He uses many technical terms which are all spelled out in the three sequential comment sections below. 

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