Alzheimer’s Abuse Can Come From Anywhere Just Like This Something To Remember On This Longest Day


I’ll admit it, I’m a news junkie. I start off with CNN, switch over to NBC followed up by MSNBC, and by that time I’m either pissed off or hurting physically by the pain that I see in every direction.

I like to stay up to date on current events and to do that I need to see it, not read it. I’m what you would call a true visual learner. Youtube videos are much better than a blog post for me. I don’t have time to read those 1500 word posts and I don’t know many who do in today’s world.

Anyway, today was a stark, raving mad kind of a day and I decided to talk about it here. I found this story on CNN when I was scrolling through their site and no lie, I cried, and then I got mad really mad.

So much has been made about police violence and I am one who believes that we desperately need our police BUT we also desperately need reform but what I saw today I wouldn’t even classify as human! See if you don’t agree…

First this happened in Apr of 2021

This is the first title and it’s bad enough:


video credit: CHANNEL 9

What happens next turns a couple of insensitive assholes into inhumane animals.


video credit: TRT WORLD

This hits me so close to home because of my momma. She even looks similar to my mother and I could see her doing the exact same thing. She became a kleptomaniac in the last few years of Alzheimer’s.

Once, my cousin came for a visit and I put her in momma’s guest room. I was fixing dinner and she came downstairs and I could see that she was kind of embarrassed, but wanted to say something.

“Um, Rena, I think you’re mom is mixed up,” she said.

“Oh, God what has she done?” I say waiting for the next unbelievable thing.

“She took all of my clothes out of my suitcase.”

“Come again?”

“She took all of my clothes”

Let’s face it, some of the behaviors seen in Alz patients can be confusing and maybe even scary. There will probably be quite a few that will mortify you.

(Did I ever tell you about the time we were at the kiddie park with the twins who were about a year and a half at the time. I needed a break so I went to the mall. Let mom people watch, the kids could get their energy out and maybe I could get 5 minutes of peace…until.

“Honey,” momma says to the new mother next to her, “you know you would be so much happier if you would lose about 75lbs.”

I have never gone back to that mall again (it’s been 5 years).

Needless to say, there was crying, a lot of horrified apologizing, and there was almost an angry mob of new moms who were, rightfully so, standing up for one of their sisters. I still have nightmares.

My point is, any human being with common sense could have handled the same situation so much better. Where is their compassion? Where is their caring? She is someone’s momma or grandma. I can honestly say if that had been my momma I would have an arrest record for sure.

I was happy to see that the Loveland police made all of their officers go through mandatory dementia training. Both officers resigned from their jobs and were later charged with crimes.

Ms. Garner ended up with a dislocated shoulder and covered in bruises. I saw this woman and I looked into the scared, far away look of my own mother and I cry for both. What they don’t understand that time is fleeting with dementia patients and the trauma this poor woman suffered likely only served to through her deeper into the throes of an already terrifying disease.

We as a society must do better for our seniors. We must demand that officials do better. In my opinion, that dementia, mental illness or autism sensitivity training should be mandatory for anyone who deals with the public. But that’s just my two cents. What do you think?


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