aloha friday: may 7

Happy Mother’s Day to you moms. This weekend we are going to bring brunch to mom and hang out with her for a bit. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

⭐ Interesting article about the Mediterranean & MIND Diets and how it may benefit people with Parkinson’s.

⭐ Don’t laugh, but I’ve been really enjoying reruns of Columbo with Peter Falk. It’s a murder mystery show that ran in the 70’s and had a fantastic rotation of celebrity guest stars. Each episode was like a movie and some of the plot twists are fantastic or ridiculous, but are so comforting to watch.

⭐ I just finished Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase. It’s sort of a modern day Daphne Du Maurier ish book. Another really good one is Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. It’s a fascinating book about the lengths that the food giants will go to get us to buy processed foods. He also has a new book called Hooked which I am on hold at the library and can’t wait to read.

⭐ OMG – I’ll pass on these stairs…

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⭐ The Mole Agent was nominated this year at the Oscars for best documentary. Set in Chile, Sergio is an 83 year old man who is hired to go under cover in a retirement home. It’s touching and he is such a charmer. I loved it.

⭐ Here are some great tips on how to read faster.

⭐ “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

⭐ Which Parkinson’s symptoms do patients most want to see improved by treatment? This study shows which motor, non motor, and medication issues are the most problematic.

⭐ Hallelujah wide leg jeans are in! Please don’t bring jeggings back….

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