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John Baumann’s mother told him hundreds of times, “Everything happens for the best.” Almost a year after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, her favorite commentary changed. “Well, remember John, everything happens for a reason.” What had always been the “best” was now a mediocre “reason”, a solemn and unexplainable “reason”? When he confronted her about it, she reluctantly explained, “I can’t imagine that your Parkinson’s Disease is for the best.” He didn’t know it then, but he had been looking for something to inspire him. Right then and there he made the decision to give her optimistic “best” back. Somehow, some way, he would make having Parkinson’s “for the best.”

John Baumann’s book, DECIDE SUCCESS, uses short stories to bring his success principles to life using engaging imagery. He has dedicated his life to become an inspirational speaker heard by audiences across the globe as he explains  his twelve action steps to success. John Baumann inspires many, many people to achieve the success they truly desire in life.

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