A way to bring gut bacteria back to health

What is the correct medical language when talking about human solid body waste? S…? Excrement? Or feces?

The common name among doctors is stool, says Maria Vehreschild,  the head of Infectiology at the University Hospital in Frankfurt,  Germany.

She knows that hardly anyone likes to talk about stool in general and their own in particular. And to even imagine what it would be like to have someone else’s stool transplanted into one’s own body is probably a rather repulsive idea for most people.

But patients who are about to undergo a stool transplant  are hardly bothered by this, says Vehreschild. After all, it could mean an improvement in their state of health. “The psychological problems of the recipients are mainly caused by the fact that intestinal diseases are usually recurrent. In other words, they come back again and again. This troubles the patients more than anything else,” says Vehreschild.

In addition to her work at the University of Frankfurt…

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