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The Cypress Alternative’s Parkinson Outreach Program is a three-prong approach to caring for those individuals living with Parkinson Disease—education, support, and fitness.  The programming offers daily fitness programs, monthly support groups, and monthly educational seminars on various topics of interest to those with PD, as well as having a comprehensive training program for their staff.  Programming is offered at Cypress Palms, an Enhanced Assisted Living Community, located at The Palms of Largo, in Largo, Florida. The Bonsai Holistic Spa, a state-of-the-art wellness center, located in Cypress Palms, provides therapeutic services to the public and has tailored services to meet the unique needs of the Parkinson’s community throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Of particular interest in this interview is the success story of Jim I, a 53 year-old patient in the advanced stages of Parkinson Disease who appears to be showing signs of recovery from what is thought to be a chronic and progressive condition.  Over the past six months, Jim has shown improvement in fine and gross motor skills as well as his overall attitude. Jim lives at Cypress Palms and regularly works out at The Bonsai Holistic Spa. Here he frees himself of the need to use his wheel chair.  He has been training on a recumbent trike on the 90-acre Palms of Largo campus and gets his speed over 20 miles per hour.  He participates and enjoys classes in Parkinson’s balance and agility, Yoga, aquatics, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training at Cypress Palms.   He also enjoys dancing, billiards, shuffle-board and karaoke at Cypress Palms.

To learn more about The Cypress Alternative  visit: or call them at (727) 559-7888.

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