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BalAVisX is a series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm. Using sand-filled bags and racquetballs, the exercises address visual tracking deficiencies, auditory imprecision, impulsivity, balance and anxiety issues. Some exercises combine bags/balls with feet patterns. More than half can be done while seated.

Requiring multiple thousands of mid-line crossings in three dimensions, exercises are steadily rhythmic, each executed at a pace that naturally results from proper physical techniques.

BalAVisX is a carefully modulated system of exercises that become increasingly complex OR simplified/modified for those with the most severe special needs. The youngest to use the program on a regular basis is three. The oldest thus far is 105.


Books: Bal-A-Vis-X: Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises for Brain and Brain-Body Integration, 2nd edition 2014

Resonance: Elise and Other Bal-A-Vis-X Stories, 2007

Cues: for Learning and Teaching in Flow

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