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From diagnosis, your health and care professionals should not only be caring for people with Parkinson’s but also supporting them to make decisions about their own care plan. Your care should be based on what you need, when you need it, taking into account your personal choices, preferences and lifestyle. This means that you need all the appropriate information (back to point 1) to start with, and a chance to discuss these with your providers to be able to compare all your choices and options and make an informed decision that is best for you. For example starting treatment for Parkinson’s should not be the soul decision of your consultant, you need to know:

• what all the treatment options are

• how they work and what symptoms they may improve

• the pros and cons of each treatment

• potential side effects and things to look out for

• how to take them and when they should start to work

• the benefits to starting treatment or the implications of not starting treatment

• what the research says about the treatments

Without knowing these things you can’t make an informed decision or understand what is best for you. This goes for any treatment (drug or non-drug) option. This takes time, so if you are not sure about something take a pause, get the information you need, and then you can make those decisions in partnership with your specialist team/service.

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