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A few months back I wrote about my initial impressions of using Flaym, a new social platform for people with psoriasis. Fast-forward to today and I’m still using it regularly – catching up with other flakers, sharing my daily fun times ]and chatting about anything else P-related. It’s become one of my go-to social sites and here’s why.

1. It has a cool and growing community

Since I began using it back in February, the Flaym user base has really really shot up. I believe it currently stands at 5,000 members.

This means there’s a lot more content being shared, tonnes of new faces to get to know, and more interactivity than before.

Plus, the community has a sweet, upbeat vibe. I like to stay positive about psoriasis even though it makes me look like a human armadillo, and it’s nice to have like-minded people on Flaym.

2. You can get helpful advice here

Being tailored to the psoriasis community, Flaym is a cool place to bounce around ideas, learn from others and share experiences.

For example, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo sometime down the road. Its a subject that doesn’t get much attention when psoriasis is in the equation, so I turned to Flaym.

The post got tonnes of responses and made me a feel a lot better knowing that other flakers out there have gotten ink without worsening their skin, and even those that did aggravate their psoriasis did not regret it. Small things like that can be enormously helpful.

3. There’s a lot of uplifting humour

Like I said in my original post, Flaym has some seriously funny posts on it. Sure there are sad posts about the struggles of psoriasis, horrid flare-ups, itchiness, but it’s all interspersed with solid banter.

4. It has a slick user interface

What I like about Flaym from a tech standpoint is the immediacy of the platform.

It has a nicely thought out user interface that combines a Twitter-like newsfeed with the functionality of forum threads, and it all ties together really well. There are specific topics you can follow, like sex, diet, and exercise, and you can react to new posts much like Facebook by clicking on an emoji.

Ease of use is a massive benefit to me, especially as I’m always on the go, so this gets 5/5 points.

5. The developers are listening to users

Flaym is still under development and the people behind the network are listening to what the community wants. Case in point, a new private messaging function was rolled out recently, making it easier, for example, to keep in touch with people you talk to regularly.

It’s clear that the team behind Flaym is passionate about improving the experience and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will evolve. Come check it out and say hello!

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