5-Minute Brain-Wakeup Exercise from the Memory Foundation


Studies show this 5-minute workout wakes up your brain cells by exercising the important muscles in your body. Rated as one of the best exercises for the 50+ age group, this series is low-impact and highly effective. Go ahead, it’s easy!

Brain fitness is closely correlated with keeping fit with regular exercise. This fitness workout plan will give you the best way to start the day. It will help you to get fit; you will feel more alert and ready for whatever other keep fit plans you have. And the bonus is that you will be brain fit for life, too!

Customize your use of this video so that it works best for you. Start and stop it a few times wherever it feels right until you have the routine in your mind. Once you have the routine, it will take only 5 minutes.

This is a great way to get a simple yet complete workout in just 5 minutes a day. 

Why use Workout Exercises for Fitness?

  • This best fitness workout plan isn’t strenuous
  • You don’t need special clothes
  • The keep-fit exercises are a great wake-up for your brain
  • And the fitness workout is suitable for all ages — and fantastic for the over-50’s!

This program seems simple — and it is. But the series of fitness exercises is designed to get each of the major muscle groups engaged and active — just what you need for a fitness workout that will keep you fit for life. It isn’t a weight loss program but it will give you the energy to start on that if that is what you are looking for.

Try it even if you are not as active now as you once were. Life experiences differ and some folk can’t do the standing parts anymore. Well, no worries — just do the arm exercises and most of the leg exercises sitting down. You are still achieving a lot and you will feel much better for the few minutes spent on these exercises for fitness. You can even do the ‘lying down’ ones in bed!

You don’t have to accept memory loss as a way of life! Exercise is a key factor in brain health. Want to see some solid research showing how exercise improves memory? Go to the “Pick a Topic” box in the right column and click on “Exercise”.

If you prefer a written copy of the Workout Exercises for Fitness, go to

The Brain and Memory Foundation was established by Dr. Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie to help the over-50 age group build more brain connections as a buffer against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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